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John Brodie

We're creating a co-op to promote global happiness, peace and wellbeing.

Discovering how you can make your unique contribution to the future and find new joy in each new day

About Us

At this PositiVibes Network forum we will share ideas that can help everyone have a more life-supporting and an enjoyable "Time Space Adventure". We start with a question: "Why am I here on Earth at this critical time in the human story and the future of this planet?"  Did you come with a particular mission or are you here to explore your options?

You are invited to create with us this Palace of Possibility where our intent is to nurture the spirit of curiosity and wonder that we all shared as children. It is still there in all of us. Clearly many have no real awareness of the great power and magic they are wielding with their thoughts, words and beliefs. Most believe in the world of appearances. The limitation of this is that appearances are the physical expression of the combined world consciousness at any given moment. The “real” world is but a reflection of our combined imagination. We are the Creators. Here we will recognize that we are the ones writing each of our stories.  What is the name of your story?  Ask a friend what they think the name of your life story might be. 

What would you like to pick as a title for your life story? 

Have you ever written an autobiography? As we begin this new chapter in each of our lives, you will find it useful to take a look at what you believe to have happened in the earlier chapters to bring us to this moment.  Take some time now to write a bit of your autobiography - just a sketch of the life you have lived noting some of the things you believe to be defining experiences. What’s the story title that best fits your tale?  Now, it’s time to design your future.  As you tell your story of what is to come, do not be concerned with the “how”, just focus on what you believe you want.  Do you have some clear intentions?  Let desire be your creative compass.  The story that is most personally satisfying will be the one that will lead to your highest good and most benefit all of Creation. 

Why You Should Join Us

My main website is DesignerOfReality.com which puts it out there in a straightforward way. I happen to believe that we are each literally designing our own world moment to moment - imagining our way through each new day. I would suggest that developing our ability to intentionally shape our reality guided by our "hearts' desires" is the key learned skill available to us. Why would this be so important? Because we are all involved in a multi-player adventure game here on this Gaian game world.  Here on this world things continue to go through stress and relief cycles - pressures build and then are released to begin anew.

It does seem clear that we are here at a precarious time in the developments here. I also believe that you and I are here now because of the challenges being faced in the game. I would contend that raising our individual and collective "happiness score" is always the task at hand. This is actually a very long discussion but for now let's just suggest that we are the more advanced players and are here for the excitement of trying to "save the day" yet again. That is a frequent story line in any adventure game but things do seem pretty serious right now.  While we are each individual players doing our own thing with "free-will" we each have brought along baggage mostly gathered in this current adventure but also some cultural, ancestral and past life baggage if particularly positive or negative as experienced. Anyway, we have each found our way here seeking to develop our skills as creators. I contend that we are the designers of today's world with nothing "set in stone" - we are at the cutting edge of an emerging reality, desperately wanting to positively influence the storyline being imagined through each new day.

Now to push the "woo-woo" meters into the red for those who find those meters in view, let me assure you that you have nothing to fear because you have been playing these adventure games a very long time and the game does not end, it simply transforms and evolves as we collectively imagine it. While there is never really any "other" than what we dream into being, we are simultaneously one with all as well as an individualized consciousness. The analogy of a being one computer linked to a limitless network outside time and space works. The physical body and brain is a temporary vehicle we have to play the game we find ourselves in. When this physical body ages out or is damaged beyond repair, our consciousness returns to a more expansive view without the limitations of a body but also less ability to influence the physical world. However since we are very involved in the stories we are co-creators of, we can continue to inspire and encourage active physical players for as long as we choose and/or have been requested. Again, I can go on and on because after all this is the BIG story right?

A Big Thanks

Yes, thank you!  Working and imagineering together we can increase global happiness and wellbeing.  I would suggest that "the secret" is that nothing “serious” is going on - it is an adventure game in which you have found some awareness of individuality. No one is judging you - it is improvisational theater and we each are a crucial part of the tapestry we are weaving.  Our own happiness or lack thereof is our personal scoreboard. The Universe and maybe even more, the multi-verse is limited only by imagination since EVERYTHING starts first as an idea... "In the beginning there was the Word". What's real and what's woo-woo? It is all up to you - after all you are the one coming up with your story and anything is possible.

Wishing you fun adventures in this life and beyond!  Now, let's go forth and see if we can figure out how best to work together to score lots of happiness points for the Homo Sapien team.

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